The Public Square

The Public Square 60 Minute Program
Hosts: David Zanotti and Wayne Shepherd
Producer: Alan C. Duncan
Recorded at Evergreen Communications, in Cleveland, Ohio

This week The Public Square 60 Minute Program:

The team is continuing the conversation from last week regarding the Islamic Question. Hosts David Zanotti and Wayne Shepherd are debriefing last week's special interview with Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch. With all of the debate about the mosque at ground zero, The Public Square team wanted to talk in depth about national defense and the question of Islam. The hosts are also talking about the new project: - how you can make a difference voting this year being a free agent among the political talk. Another project that the team is excited about is the event, Making A Difference: A Celebration of Liberty. Please tune in today to learn more about these important topics and the continuing conversation here on The Public Square.

Guest: Robert Spencer

Topic: National Defense

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