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If you have been following our election coverage on WTN in Nashville or WTAM in Cleveland or The Shepherd Network in Central Florida you know our team has been on the radio almost non-stop all week.

On this week's edition of The Public Square® we share brief insights on the morning after the polls closed. This story is clearly changing by the hour; therefore, we are changing the subject briefly on this week's broadcast.

For the balance of the program we head to Washington, D.C. for a conversation with our good friend Dr. William B. Allen as he meets with Star Parker and a panel of guests to discuss a recent summit of Pastors on the subject of the State of Black America. This is one of the most compelling conversations we have heard all year.

Please make sure you have your favorite beverage nearby and a pencil and pad. We will be back with the latest update and analysis on Election 2020 in a few days. So please tune in today and stay tuned.

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The Public Square® Long Format Program with hosts Dave Zanotti and Wayne Shepherd

Release Date: Friday, November 6, 2020

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